Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catering VS DIY

My friends are overbudget already and that does not include alcohol or food!!!

Now they think hiring a caterer will be cheaper...
I strongly disagree. When we looked into catering it was easily $2000 if not more. $300 covered the cost of our meal and I was lucky enough that Sparky loaned me her catering supplies for the weekend since her restuarant didn't have any events that weekend.

Our menu was simple but everyone loved it!
Herb Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Baked Ziti Salad Garlic Bread

I would love to cater their wedding with either a full buffet menu or heavy hors d'oeuveres. I can easily do it for $500 or less. Plus even though Sparky passed away it doesn't mean I no longer have connections at Sparky Town. Or that I didn't plan on asking everyone I know for their platters to borrow.

Sadly they are so focused on small simple ideas that they are not seeing the larger picture. Which would save them $1500 easily!

Did you get a professional caterer, or did you or a friend/family member take the DIY route for your wedding?

Monday, August 27, 2012

I need a vacation!

Work has been stressful lately and its not my dream career. It just pays the bills.
And unfortunately I don't just have the money to take time off or start up my own business.

So I'm thinking of creating a long weekend, in order to get household project finished before it gets cold. Seeing how I'd love to get the house in order, finish painting the cabinets, and turn the ironing board cabinet into a spice rack! I'd also love to make our nightstands using old wooden boxes and create our pot and pan rack out of old bike rims. I need time though. And entertainment for Max, because sometimes his naps mean a break for me too!

I wish I could afford to be able to go out for about every meal though, there's some new restuarants I'd love to check out!

So the question is, if you could have a vacation what would you do?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wedding help

So I've been meaning to post. Just when life should settle gets crazier. Max is about to turn one. And he's finally getting a tooth! Not going to be like his dai, and have to gum his way through his first birthday. He's such a champ at eating, and chewing. I'm sure he's hating the pain, just as much as Krystal is with her chronic tooth pain. Yet, one he can eat a raw carrot that's not been grated I'm sure he'll appreciate his teeth. Good friends of ours also decided to get married. Since we've been there, done that x2 we thought we'd help out. It turned into a week plus of helping with the invites. They turned out pretty awesome if I say so myself and I got to sort of learn and play with inkscape along the way. I also offered to cater since I've been there, did that with wedding #2. I think it'll be fun and much more challenging than our menu. Since they want a cocktail hour and a sit down dinner via buffet. Plus alcohol. I'm trying to figure out a way to make this work. I know I will but I want to give them something amazing while still keeping it frugal. Which for me would nix a lot of the alcohol but it is something they want. So I'm sure I'll start working on a series about their wedding, to hopefully help out others. I haven't really been able to find all the information I've been looking for and would love to help the wedding scene because it doesn't have to be as expensive as everyone thinks it should be.