Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 lbs and arthritis

Max had a weight check today and he gained 2 lbs in two weeks. I'm thrilled!

He's always been a slow gainer and so at his 7 month appointment when he lost 10 ozs we decided to do our best. I'm attributing the amazing gain to being able to just breastfeed on demand for a week and a half, no pumping and no bottles plus he ate about three avocados on top of his love of solids.
Can I mention how I loved not pumping? I despise it so much, would love to buy a new pump but don't really feel like it makes much sense. Also tacked a visit for myself when we took Max in. It's official, I have arthritis in my spine. It has been quite the bother lately and its time I took a more proactive approach.Travelling the internet this evening looking at my passion cloth diapers. Time to either get serious about this blog or let it fall to the wayside... only way to make it happen is to find time, not wait for it to happen.