Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staying Sane on their wedding day!

So last week I shared their menu and the schedule. This week I'm sharing how I'm going to stay sane.

Making Ahead Butternut squash soup- Actually really easy to make but I need to make a lot. I'm guessing one batch is good for about 1-2 tables. Can be frozen!
Shredded chicken (Pasta Bar)- We are thinking two good size roaster chickens, I plan on putting them in the crock pot and let it work its magic. The resulting meat will be tender and almost fall off the bone. I can then freeze it and warm it the day of.
All four sauces can be prepped ahead and frozen and warmed up that day. I'm hoping to get big squirt bottles and cut the opening big enough and have them in a water bath. Seems much easier than attempting to have 4 pans and ladles of sauce going.
Stuffed Mushrooms- I can prep these and freeze them already stuffed. Day of I just need to pop them in the oven!
Spinach Balls- Same as the stuffed mushrooms. I believe one of the brides to be is making it, since her late future mother in law taught her how, I just need to pop them in the oven day of.
Mozzarella Bites- Need time to marinate so I can make those on the 11th and just keep them refrigerated.
Cheese and Cracker Tray- This I want to cheat on, you can buy 2 lbs of pre-sliced cheese at BJ's for around $10. So for about $30-40 I can have that completely taken care of, I just need to arrange on a tray!

Day Of Wedding Mini Lasagnas- they need to be made that day, they just taste better freshly made!
Pasta- needs to be cooked that day as well, especially if gluten free!
Vegetables- for the veggie tray and grilling/roasting need to be cut that morning. I might employ wegmans for that part and just cook and serve but I need to talk to the brides first since the cost will be slightly up, but much less of a headache on my part!

I've already requested the 11th off for prep and picking up supplies. Friday I'm loading our car with everything, we and our 14 month old son will need plus coolers of frozen and refrigerated food and all my supplies for cooking/serving. I'm hoping the hotel will let us use their fridge until Saturday morning. I'll probably be at the wedding site for easily 12 hours prepping/cleaning up as well as some partying. I highly doubt I'll get much chance to eat myself. I'm really hoping I can get the 14th completely off. I know for a fact I will not be able to make it in for my 8-4 shift. The wedding is an hour and a half away, too far of a drive after an exhausting day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Over it

I used to love my job, like I love all my jobs. I'm so over it now though...

I work in a residential home of 24, independent, adults with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems.
Luckily my house is usually quiet and peaceful. Until we got one resident. I mean yes sometimes its stressful, but lately its been insane.
I've taken two mental health days in the last month and its not enough! Tonight I actually came home and had a drink instead of going to bed. I'm also sleep deprived but right now I'm fuming.

Everything just has been falling apart. I'm losing responsibilities due to it not actually being in my job title but I've done some of them a long time. Watching someone else fuck it up after it was so perfect is a disappointment.
Yet, I don't want to work in this field.

I want to just quit and follow my dreams now. Sadly its not a reality.

Its also difficult because I make too much money but yet have nothing to show for it. My grocery budget is literally $120 a month but I don't qualify for food stamps. I don't qualify for medicaid but I'd love to drop my medical plan at work to be able to buy more groceries.

Quitting looks better every day.

I'd love to find a job, in a gay marriage state, in the cloth diaper industry. If necessary I'll start my own business. But this...this life I'm living now is depressing.

I can't give the time and energy to my two most important people because this job just drags me down.

This isn't how life should be lived...

Wedding Menu!

Yes I think we have finally decided on a menu, for our friends wedding. Just shy of the month before their wedding!
As well as a loose schedule of the day!

Schedule of Events with Menu included
1 pm Ceremony
Cocktail hour with signature cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres to follow To be served: Mini Lasagnas (meat filled and vegetable filled), Stuffed Mushrooms (gluten free and vegetarian), and the one of the bride's late mother's Spinach Balls.

4 pm Dinner At the tables: Butternut Squash Soup and Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing. Also possibly a white and red wine at each table or hard cider (yum!) Head Table first, to slowly be followed by the other tables is the buffet style Pasta Bar. Four types of sauces: Meaty Marinara, Marinara, Alfredo, and Pesto. Two types of pasta: Long and Short (haven't decided which kind or if both will be gluten free). Two choices of toppings: Shredded Chicken and Roasted/Grilled Vegetables. Obviously shredded cheese.

5 pm Cake and Such

6:30 pm Light hors d'oeuvres Mozzarella Bites, Veggie Tray, Cheese and Crackers (this might get cut altogether!)

8 pm Cut off alcohol! We have to vacate the property by 10 pm when the park closes its gates. If you aren't gone, they will lock you in and call the local police. I'd rather avoid that!

I also plan on putting together a picnic basket for the brides with two bottles of wine or hard cider, and everything that was served that night. They are under the impression that they will actually eat during the festivities. We laugh at them all the time about this!

Seems like a lot of food, and a lot of prep! Next post I'm going to post how I plan on stay sane through all of this!