Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dream job?

What's your dream job? Why is it your dream job?

I'm passionate about cloth diapers. Yet, I don't want to own a store, though I wouldn't mind working for one. I'm also passionate about people cloth diapering when they just don't have the money to use disposables but really don't have the money for the start up cost and/or the accessibility to be able to wash and dry them.
I think these foundations giving people cloth diapers is amazing and I know that I qualify for free diapers but yet I continue to buy them because I know someone has it worse than me.
Honestly I want to start a sliding scale ( read no cost or low cost) diaper service with modern cloth diapers, no prefolds and covers, to families in need. In order to be able to financially keep the charity side afloat I see the need to make a wash your stash service available to the public.
My problem: I don't know where to start.