Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dai, what is that?

I consider myself genderqueer. I was on testosterone for about a year and during that time came to accept myself. I never took a high dose since the doctor I was seeing wanted to ease my body into it. I started of with intramuscular injections but never found the guts to give them to myself. I switched to the patch for awhile but found it rather expensive and a pain. I ended up switching to subcutaneous injections which I did on my own until poking myself with a needle became too much, strangely enough its been four years since that experience.
For awhile over a year ago- almost two years ago, I performed as a drag king with the name "Froggy" which was bestowed to me from a fellow king due to my voice reminding her of The Little Rascals.

Two and a half years ago I married the most important woman in my life in Burlington, VT by a drag queen Amber LeMay. New York was still not legalizing same sex marriage and not that we were impatient, we just wanted to start our life together.
We've moved a handful of times, always in the same area in the last three years since we started living together. The longest we've stayed in one spot recently is where we currently live and we have only been there for a year and a half.

Six months ago we became first time parents. We shocked family and friends when we annouced that my wife was not carrying our child, that it was indeed myself. It confused many. They thought but your becoming a male, no longer knew what pronouns to use regarding myself. It was an interesting time.
However, I was lucky to have a relatively easy pregnancy- minus the first three months of intense morning sickness and despite Max being four days late; I had the natural birth I had hoped for.
I said it, natural birth. Not only did I shock everyone with getting pregnant, I also had a midwife and doula even though I did give birth in the hospital. We also cloth diaper and I am breastfeeding. Yet, I still don't identify as female.
I also don't go by mom or any of its variations or dad or any of its variations. Just dai, pronounced like 'day', though sometimes we do call me daidai.

I plan on writing about whatever I feel is important though do realize more often than not it probably will be about being a parent.