Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicken Wing Burgers

So I'm without pictures for this post but I promise to take them the next time I make these again! I was standing in line at Wegman's deli counter which is so cleverly placed near Olde World Cheese. I looked down and saw in a refrigerated case that Yancey Fancy Buffalo Wing Cheddar now comes in slices. My brain started turning and I thought what if I got some ground chicken and made burgers with the two? We were moving in a few days time and I already planned on Faux Ribs and marinated Chicken breasts with a few Hoffman hot dogs for the meats. So of course I added on Chicken Wing Burgers! As I was getting ready to form my chicken patties, my mom who was dicing an onion for me for Cold Broccoli salad offered to dice up some more for the chicken patties. I recently had a delicious, spicy burger from a coworker that had onions in it so I thought why not? I brought them out to the grill and let the one side cook, flipped and put the slices on the cooked side so that it would be perfect by the time that the other side was cooked. We didn't have as much help with moving as we thought we would. However, I had two other people try them besides me and they thought they were delicious! I served the burgers on potato hamburger buns. However, I do have a few revisions to try out next time: 1. I'd love to add diced celery to the meat with the onion 2. Get some bleu cheese dressing to help knock down the heat They are delicious reheated as well!

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